Welcome to the ACS Pressroom Blog

Welcome to a new shared blog from the American Cancer Society media relations team. We’re a diverse group of media relations professionals with a shared mission: to help the public learn about and understand the mission and work of the American Cancer Society and to help people understand and act on emerging cancer news. We hope this blog will provide another way to for us to engage in discussions and respond rapidly to new developments by sharing reactions from leading experts who work for or volunteer with our organization. We also hope the blog will help you learn more about the American Cancer Society and all that we do to save lives and help people stay well, get well, find cures and fight back.

We hope you will check in with us often and let us know what you’re thinking, as well. As a volunteer-led organization, we’ve always depended on those concerned about and affected by cancer to help guide us in our work. And with so much cancer information coming from so many places, we realize it can be a challenge to put it all into perspective. We hope this blog will extend our efforts to help the public understand how new information affects people trying to reduce their risk of cancer as well as those patients and families currently dealing with the disease. We want to be a part, however small, of a well-informed effort to empower people with information that will help us create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Meet your bloggers here.

About David Sampson

I am the director of medical and scientific communications for the American Cancer Society national home office.
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