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Cancer and Bad Luck: We Asked the Source, and Guess What?

Headlines over the past week or so have reported that two in three cancers are due to “bad luck,” attributing that statement to an impressive piece of work from a collaboration between former ACS Research Professor and Medal of Honor … Continue reading

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Study Looks at Cancer Rates in World Trade Center Responders

A new report concludes that early responders to the World Trade Center terrorist attack have an increased incidence of prostate and thyroid cancers and multiple myeloma. The report appears in the December 19 issue of JAMA. The authors caution that … Continue reading

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Why Do Black Women Have Higher Breast Cancer Death Rates?

A report from researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that despite significant progress in breast cancer detection and treatment, black women experience higher death rates even though they have a lower incidence of breast cancer … Continue reading

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Hay Fever and Asthma: A Combination that Lowers the Risk of Death from Colon Cancer?

A new study from the American Cancer Society concludes people with both hay fever and asthma — but not people with only one of the conditions — have an approximately 17 percent lower risk of death from colorectal cancer. The … Continue reading

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Multivitamins Associated with Lower Overall Cancer Risk in Older Men

A new study making headlines finds finds older men who took a daily multivitamin had a lower overall risk for cancer occurrence. The new data, from the Physicians’ Health Study II, is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) … Continue reading

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What We Should Really Do in Response to Exciting New Breast Cancer Research

A report published in the journal Nature has energized the field of breast cancer research and generated a lot of excitement among folks reading the news today. Researchers say an effort to do detailed molecular analyses of breast cancer is yielding a … Continue reading

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Stopping Cancer’s Spread: New Clues

There’s been increasing discussion among scientists and activists, including among a terrific group of breast cancer activists and survivors (you can find them on Twitter by following the #BCSM hashtag) about the role of metastasis in breast and other cancers. … Continue reading

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