Writing New Chapters in the Cancer Survivorship Story

It is said that there are only seven types of scripts in Hollywood. I believe the same is true in the cancer universe, though the number may be even smaller. Each individual’s story is inspiring or sad or reassuring, or a combination of these, but most stories about the cancer experience fall into a couple of categories. Which is what makes the story of this group  all the more remarkable. Dr. Richard Deming is leading a group of 18 cancer survivors, some of whom he has treated himself, and some of whom are still in active treatment, to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the story of people who are making the most of a second chance, and who are challenging themselves in ways they and their loved ones likely never thought would be possible.

They arrived in Tanzania yesterday, and begin their ascent tomorrow. The group also includes a couple of my American Cancer Society staff colleagues. They are expected to reach the summit on January 11.

In addition to his long volunteer service to the American Cancer Society, Dr. Deming is the founder of Above + Beyond Cancer , which helps cancer survivors find personal growth and adventure far beyond their cancer experiences. Follow their journey on the Road to More Birthdays Blog.

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