Saving lives: American Cancer Society Ranks in Top 100 Ideal Employers for Undergraduates


Every undergraduate student dreams of getting that great first job right after college. The job that you enjoy going to everyday, that you learn so much from, and that has a direct correlation to your degree. It does not always work out that way.

We choose our majors of study based on what we want to do with our lives. What we “want to be when we grow up.” I always knew I wanted to be just like my father, who worked as Director of Communications for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for years while I was growing up. I learned about healthcare public relations starting at an early age.

Like all recent college graduates, with my degree in one hand and my ambition in the other, I applied to jobs all over the city of Atlanta. When I applied to a job in media relations at the American Cancer Society, I thought it would be a great experience for many reasons. The ACS is one of the most well-known brands in the country, and I knew that it was a very trusted source of cancer information. Also, like so many others, I have had cancer affect members of my family, and thought it would be a great to have a job that helps fight back against this terrible disease.

I was pleased to learn this week that the American Cancer Society ranked in the top 100 ideal employers for undergraduate students in a survey by Universum USA.

The organization asked more than 60 thousand respondents to identify the characteristics they associate with dream employers and broke down the results into seven personality types. Here is a link to the results of this survey:

The ranking came as no surprise to me. At the Cancer Society, I have a job that truly affects people in a positive and inspirational way. I get to promote ways that people can stay well and get well from cancer. That’s pretty ideal to me.

I did not go to medical school, but I am working everyday to help save lives from cancer. What a cool bottom line. Congratulations to the American Cancer Society, and I am proud to say that this is the organization that gave me my first job.

About Claire Greenwell

Hi! My name is Claire, and I am the Media Relations Specialist on our team.
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