Celebrating Our 97th Birthday

This past Saturday, the American Cancer Society celebrated its 97th birthday. We’ve come a long way since May 22, 1913 when a small group of doctors and individuals concerned about cancer first met in New York City to form the American Society for the Control of Cancer, which later became the American Cancer Society. We take great pride in our many accomplishments – to name a few: our long history of funding cancer research – more than $3.4 billion since 1946, including for 44 researchers who went on to win the Nobel prize; our commitment to providing education to help people learn more about the disease and ways to prevent it; our around the clock services to help people though a cancer diagnosis; and our work with policy makers to provide smoke-free environments. A copy of the book, The American Cancer Society: A History of Saving Lives sits on my office desk and for anyone interested in the long legacy of the organization, it’s a very informative read.

As the official sponsor of birthdays, we marked our 97th with a special event in Atlanta where people were able to wish us a happy birthday. Check out this video of the festivities, featuring a special appearance by our CEO, Dr. John Seffrin. We were also fortunate to have our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Otis Brawley, stop by. Here’s a photo of the two of us as we wish for a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Some of the women who volunteer with us as part of our Blogger Advisory Council joined in the celebration, too. Here are some of their blog posts:

Tech Savvy Mama celebrated with a Relay For Life fundraiser in honor of WhyMommy, who is also part of our group; Julie Pippert over at Using My Words marks another birthday with her dog, a cancer survivor; Renee at Cutie Bootie Cakes celebrated our birthday while also celebrating the birthday of her son: Darryle Pollack at I Never Signed Up for This celebrates being a cancer survivor and thinking about her 97th (a long way away!).

Everyone at the American Cancer Society works passionately on a daily basis towards our vision of a world with less cancer. We hope you’ll join us by signing up for the movement for more birthdays at http://morebirthdays.com or by creating a birthday dance to wish a friend or family member a happy birthday at http://bdaydance.com.

About Becky Erwin

I am a public relations professional with expertise in strategic communications, media relations/social media, brand communications and reputation management. I'm a mom of two who finds each day with preschooler and baby to be an adventure.
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