Choose You Day — Wednesday, May 12

Today is the American Cancer Society’s Choose You Day, and companies and organizations across the nation are giving their employees an opportunity to take 30 minutes during the work day to focus on their personal health and to make a five dollar pledge to the Society’s lifesaving work of helping create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Choose You Day is an extension of the American Cancer Society’s Choose You movement, which was launched last week with a grand event in New York’s Time Square, to encourage women everywhere to make their health a priority in staying well and reducing their risk of cancer.

For Choose You Day, however, employees of both genders will be able to participate in any number of healthful activities at their workplace, such as taking a walk, attending a yoga class, eating a healthy lunch, etc.

Choose You Day celebrates employees putting their health first and helps raise awareness and individual commitment to the lifestyle behaviors that can reduce cancer risk . . . things like maintaining a healthy weight by eating right and being active, quitting or avoiding tobacco, and getting recommended cancer screening tests.  Among the many companies participating in Choose You Day are ones we all recognize – ones like The Coca-Cola Company, Walgreens, Kellogg’s, Avis, and Neutrogena, just to name a few.

Employees who participate today in Choose You Day are being encouraged to sign a Choose You commitment — an online pledge to reach a specific, individual health goal.  And, at, employees may select from five different health categories: Eat Right; Get Active; Get Recommended Health Screenings; Protect Your Skin; and Quit Smoking. 

Scientific research suggests that having a financial “stake in the game” as well as social support from friends and family helps people to be more successful at working toward personal health goals. So, in addition to signing their commitment, employees will also make a minimum five dollar pledge to incentivize them to stay on track toward better health. 

Hopefully, your employer will be participating in today’s Choose You Day, and if so, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to start on the path to a more healthful you . . . for yourself and for those most meaningful in your life.

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